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UNIKOM Perfect Champion in National Students League (LIMA) Badminton, 2015
SEMARANG, - Indonesian Computer University (Unikom) created a new history by juxtaposing the title of men and women champion in LIMA Badminton Nationals, Sunday (29/March) which was held in GOR USM Semarang.

Previously, there has never been a single university could ever combine the title in sports that was organized by the Student League (LIMA). UNIKOM’s women students first ensure one title after defeating team from Mineral Water Prim-A Greater Jakarta Conference; Trisakti University (Usakti) with score of 2-0. The runner-up LIMA Badminton West Java Conference competed with the best formation. Firas Hasna should strive to contribute first point for UNIKOM against Sonia Amelia Kartika through tough fight that takes up to 45 minutes. Firas finally won the rubber game 13-21, 21-11 and 11-10.

Winning in a single party, UNIKOM fielded their best couple; Kurnia / Mita. Unexpectedly, this party is not as tight as the previous party. Kurnia / Mita straight won two games easily over Ayu / Widya with a score of 21-18 and 21-11. Ayu / Widya in the first game can balance the game of Kurnia / Mita who rely on fast drives. In fact, since the game started both teams score was not significant. However, couple of UNIKOM’s team was able to end the game in the first game.

Entering the second games, UNIKOM had the upper hand while the couple of Trisakti made many unforced errors. This resulted in a profit for UNIKOM that can be vastly superior. Due to big point difference from Kurnia / Mita, Ayu / Widya started to lose concentration. Kurnia / Mita closed second games with an easy win 21-12.

UNIKOM’s men team then follow in the footsteps of the women's team after winning from their mortal enemy at once defending champion of LIMA Badminton Nationals; Indonesia Education University with a score of 3-1.

"I was optimistic to combine the title of men and women and eventually proved that we (UNIKOMl) can print a new history in LIMA. It also became the most successful achievement throughout our participation in LIMA Badminton, "said team manager of UNIKOM Aryanto Wibisono. UNIKOM consistently follow LIMA Badminton since Season 1. Last year, UNIKOM’s men team achieved the 3rd champion in LIMA Badminton Nationals.

Topas Wismoyo who competed in the second singles party became the determinant for the UNIKOM team. Despite being not at his best condition due to fatigue and has a neurological disorder in the legs but Topas Wismoyo still play with power struggle and high spirits. Facing Setia from UPI, Topas straight won two games by a score of 21-15 and 21-17. Topas which was graduated from SGS PLN Bandung club also won the award for best singles.

Here were the results of the Final competition of LIMA Badminton Nationals, Sunday (March 29):

UPH vs Brawijaya University (women): 2-0 (3rd champion)
Unikom vs Trisakti University (women): 2-0 (1st and 2nd champion)
Trisakti University vs UNJ (men): 3-1 (3rd champion)
Unikom vs UPI (men): 3-1 (1st and 2nd champion)

List of Individual Award:

Best singles (men and women): Topas Wismoyo (UNIKOM) and Amelia Sonia (Trisakti)
Best doubles (men and women): Jajang / Jacob (UNJ) and Hadiyanti / Mita (UNIKOM)
Best triples (men and women): Gaos / Deris / Ridwan (UPI) and Dilisuci / Sandra / Firas (Unikom)
Best management (men and women): UPI (men) dan Trisakti (women)

Editor : Tjahjo Sasongko