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January 6, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) welcomed the visit of SMK Ulil Albab Cirebon Regency, on Monday (12/19) at 09.00 am in the Auditorium Miracle of UNIKOM. The event was opened by remarks from the Director of Public Relations & Protocol of UNIKOM, Desayu Eka Surya, S.Sos., M.Si, which deliver information about UNIKOM to the group visits of 12 teachers and 116 students class XI of the Computer Network Engineering ( TKJ). Director of Public Relations & Protocol closing his remarks by to apologize if there are services that do not match with the expectations of SMK Ulil Albab Cirebon Regency. UNIKOM will be happy and open to wait for the students SMK Cirebon Ulil Albab who interested to join and explore the science and become a great family of UNIKOM.

Ida Faridah S.S as the Vice Principal of Curriculum opened her speech by saying her happiness because UNIKOM have welcomed the arrival of SMK Ulil Albab, so that fatigue on the way since the early days from Cirebon was lost when she has been at UNIKOM. He also said that the visit is a learning program to a field that has been matched to the competency skills in SMK Ulil Albab. “SMK Ulil Albab have seven courses, where the Computer Network Engineering (TKJ) is superior competencies which has enthused by the students. Through this visit, is expected to broaden the knowledge of the students not only oriented to the world of work but the insight to continue their studies to university, "said the Vice Principal of Curriculum.

The event filled with the briefing or the delivery of information from the study program of Computer Engineering accordance with TKJ submitted by the Secretary of Computer Engineering Program, John Adler, M.Si. "Computer Engineering Program is one of the Prodi of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science who has two types of programs, namely Bachelor Degree (S1) and Diploma 3 (D3). The difference between the two is that the program S1 dominant to learn a theory and D3 is more to make practice or application. Hopefully, the students of SMK Ulil Albab interested to studying in UNIKOM and become part of the regeneration of UNIKOM, "said John Adler, M.Si. He also provide the information to the students of SMK Ulil Albab who are interested to joined to UNIKOM, to prepare they self for the admission of new students of UNIKOM, especially for those who want to learn more about Computer Engineering in order to master the basic math competency.

After briefing and Question & Answer Session, the event was closed by the staff of the Public Relations and Protocol, Ismyuli Tri Retno, S.I.Kom as the MC, before the participants left the room to visit the library at the 8th floor to hear an information about the facilities in UNIKOM Library. The implementation of this visit was directed and accompanied by the several members of the Student Protocol Corps (KPM), and ending with the photo session in the lobby of UNIKOM New Building for the documentation.