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February 28, 2017
BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Referring to the agreements contained in the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), then the Unikom conduct "Submission and Student Admissions of Unikom" in UUM held on Sunday (2/19). Unikom send some students who have an interest to gain knowledge and share experiences with conduct the Internship activities at UUM for ± 1 month, starting from February 20 to March 17, 2017.

A total of 17 Unikom students who participated in this activities, who come from a various of courses, including: 1) Study Program of Accounting (6 people); 2) Study Program of Management (5 people); 3) Study Program of International Relations (3 people); 4) Study Program of Electrical Engineering (2 people); and 5) Study Program of Information System (1 people). Internship activities at UUM is the program from the Vice Rector III for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Prof Dr. Hj. Aelina Surya, Dra, is one of the Unikom effort to awarded the predicate as World Class University, and aims to bridge the Unikom student representatives to gain knowledge and share experiences with the foreign students and the students of UUM.

In addition to Submission and Student Admissions of Unikom in UUM, this activity is used to placing the Unikom students in every department in order to ensure the safety and good service as long as they are in the Jiran country. The Unikom student representatives who participated in the internship in UUM is under the guidance of Andrias Darmayadi, S.IP., M.Si., Ph.D who is also the Chairman of study Program of International Relations of Unikom.

Through these activities, the Unikom students are expected to gain experience and worthwhile learning and also can be able to bring a good name of Unikom to be more known and famous by many parties.