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December 30, 2016
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- SMK Al Islah Cikalong Tasikmalaya visit or study tour to the Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM), on Wednesday (12/14) at 09.30 am. A total of 38 students of class XI and XII of the Computer Network Engineering (TKJ) which was accompanied by four teachers, were directed to the Seminar Room of UNIKOM in order to listen to the briefing and information about UNIKOM in general, and the Study Program of Computer Engineering specifically delivered by the the Chairman of Study program (Prodi) of Computer Engineering, Dr. Wendi Zarman, M.Si. 

The Chairman of the Computer Engineering program explained that the study program in UNIKOM related with TKJ, not just Computer Engineering program, there is also the Informatics Engineering and Information Systems. "Learning about Prodi of Information Systems related to software and dissemination of information, such as database and computer network. Informatics Engineering Programs had a lot to learn about the software, it's just a more general scope and Computer Engineering is a combination of hardware and software that can be said to be a derivative of Electrical Engineering joined the Computer science. This difference needs to be known by the students so that they will not be wrong in taking the step and selecting scientific concentration, ", "said Dr. Wendi Zarman, M.Si.

The visit responded positively by SMK Al Islah Cikalong, where one of the representatives of teachers, Toha Supriatna, S.Pdi, He expressed gratitude to UNIKOM who has been willing to accept the visit from SMK Al Islah Cikalong. Toha Supriatna, S.Pdi says "UNIKOM become the destination of SMK Al Ishlah Cikalong because UNIKOM is famous colleges and and has a variety of facilities that support the related scientific Computer Network Engineering. In addition, SMK Al Islah Cikalong want to share the knowledge and experience, especially in the computer field. Hopefully next year SMK Al Islah Cikalong can make cooperation again with UNIKOM"he said.

The enthusiasm of the participants to UNIKOM was seen from the questions posed in the question and answer session, and one of the teacher of SMK Al Islah Cikalong who want the tips from UNIKOM to the students of SMK Al Islah Cikalong to be motivated to pass the selection of new admissions in UNIKOM.

In response to this things, Dr. Wendi Zarman, M.Si explains, "As general university, the selection process in UNIKOM through a written test of several issues which include subjects Basic of Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, English and General Knowledge. Of course, to follow the test, the students should prepare for it, one of them with a lot of reading. Whatever can be learned as long as the students have the spirit to fight and compete, "said the Chairman of the Computer Engineering program.

After the briefing, question and answer session, and handover of souvenir given by UNIKOM to SMK Al Islah Cikalong and vice versa, the next agenda is tour the campus by visiting the UNIKOM Library on the 8th floor of the new building. The implementation of the visits assisted by the staff of public relations and protocol and the several members of the Student Protocol Corps (KPM), ended with a photo session for documentation in the Lobby of UNIKOM New Building.