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February 28, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Accounting Student Association (HMAk) of Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) held a Community Service (PPM) as part of the implementation of the Tri Dharma College. PPM HMAk held on Saturday (2/18) at SDN 3 Wangunsari, Kampung Tugu, Pagerwangi village, district of Lembang, this activity is an opportunity for students to share they experiences, knowledge, and to tighten the brotherhood between the Board of HMAk period 2016/2017 with the local community.

PPM was initiated by the Public Relations Division of HMAk attended by 29 board member of HMAk Period 2016/2017 and 6 people of BPMAk period 2016/2017, which was attended by the Chairman of neighborhood harmonious (RT) 03 and the Chairman of citizen harmonious (RW) 11 Kp. Desa Tugu Pagerwangi. The activities are filled with a variety of agendas, such as the delivery of content to the students in class 5 and 6 by Dicky Furqon (Semester 3) as a board of HMAk from Training Division and the division of the group mentored by the board of HMAk. "In addition to activities involving the elements of school, we also invite the community of Kampung Tugu RT 03 RW 11 to gather at SDN 3 Wangunsari to share our knowledge through a motivational seminar presented by Sobari, S.E., CH., CHt," said Burhan as the Vice Chairman of HMAk.

In addition to contributing in the field of education, PPM HMAk also participated in the health sector to carry out the voluntary work cleaning up the environment of SDN 3 Wangunsari. The event has been held regularly since 2015, ended with the granting of a charter to the Speakers, the principal of SDN 3 Wangunsari, the Chairman of RT 03 and Chairman of RW 11 Kampung Tugu, Pagerwangi Village, district of Lembang.

The positive response from the implementation of PPM HMAk shown by local people and board member of HMAk of Unikom, are expected to provide a benefits, given that universities play an important role to develop a knowledge and improve the competence of Human Resources (HR) who have a good intellectual. "We hope this activity can give a benefit and experience to the board members of HMAK and the local community," said Burhan.