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April 04, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Acceptance and reception of visits is one of routine activities of Unikom through the Directorate of Public Relations and Protocol, as a means to facilitate of information for the public about the Unikom. As performed by SMK Bina Latih Karya (BLK) Bandar Lampung who made a visit to Unikom, on Wednesday (3/5) at 10.00 pm. A total of 4 teachers and 84 students of class XI from the major of Computer Networking Engineering & Multimedia, are directed to the Miracle Auditorium of Unikom to listen information about Unikom and some related fields in it.

This visit activity is a learning effort for students in the real world to know about the major of Computer Network Engineering and Multimedia and see the technology, especially science and technology applied in Unikom. This was disclosed by Mr. Ahmad Zakiy, as Head of Computer Network Engineering - SMK BLK Bandar Lampung in his speech. "Hopefully after we invite the students come to Unikom, can give a better information about Unikom campus and have open thinking to continue education to a higher level," said Ahmad.

The Internal leaders from Unikom who was present to welcomed the visit is the Chairman of Informatics Engineering Program, Irawan Afrianto, S.T., M.T who convey the explanation of their field in the Unikom Informatics Engineering program. In his briefing, he explained about various things about the course, organizational structure, academic support facilities, until the curriculum applied in Unikom Informatics Engineering program.

" Informatics Engineering program can be said as a majors are in great demand by new students every year, where we usually take 600-700 students in every new admissions. We also always encourage collaboration and empowerment between students and lecturers to jointly produce a research in order to support the implementation of Tridharma Higher Education, "he said.

The opportunity is also used by Irawan to explain the various systems implemented by Unikom, such as online learning, online Herregistration, executive information system, and several other systems aimed to build effectiveness and work efficiency. In addition, Irawan also provides an overview of the prospects of graduates from Informatics Engineering program, including: 1) System Analysis and Software Developers; 2) Developers of Information Systems and Database; and 3) Network Manager and Web Technology.

The briefing from the Head of Informatics Engineering program ended with an explanation of student organization and division that existed in Unikom, to introduce to the students that Unikom students not only focus on teaching and learning process but also facilitated to develop interest and talent in various fields. "... hopefully this brief explanation can provide enlightenment for the students who attended  in this visit," said Irawan.

The visit activity was continued by John Adler, M.Si as the Secretary of Computer Engineering Program, said that Computer Engineering programs are one of the major from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science which has 2 types of programs, namely Strata 1 (S1) Or Computer Systems and Diploma 3 (D3) or Computer Engineering. The difference between the two, that the S1 program is designed to have the ability analysis and development of computer technology, so that the outline is more dominant in theory. While the D3 program is emphasized on the skill in the operating and utilizing computer technology and more practice or called as executor. Not only that, John also explained the existing curriculum in major of Computer Engineering, achievements that have been achieved in nationally and internationally, until prospects graduates or alumni who have worked in various agencies with various professions.

After the briefing and question and answer session, the event was closed by Deka Ahmad from Student Protocol Corps (KPM) as MC, followed by tour campus to several laboratories on 6 floor and Library of Unikom Smart Building to listen to the briefing about the facilities in the Library. The Implementation of this visits directed and accompanied by some members of the Student Protocol Corps (KPM), ending with a photo session on Rooftop 16 Floor UNIKOM Smart Building for the documentation.