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Januari 02, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) received a visit from Korea, Meister Co., Ltd, in order to follow up the cooperation conducted on January 15, 2016. Co-operation established between the UNIKOM with a Korean company engaged in the electronic, to open up business opportunities and make UNIKOM as the center of  Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in Bandung. Through this cooperation, UNIKOM planned to establishment of business unit named UNIKOM Korea of International Company (UKI).

The internal leaders of UNIKOM who welcomed the visit of Jae Woo as the CEO Meister Co.,Ltd, namely the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs,  Prof. Dr.Hj. Umi Narimawati, Dra.,SE.,M.Si and Director of International Programs and Scholarship, Dr. Inta Budi Setya Nusa, SE.,M.Ak. The different from the earlier arrival is scheduled for the formulation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the visit of Jae Woo to UNIKOM on Friday (12/9) is aims to make the process of interviewing to the 16 applicants, consisting of the alumni and Final year students of UNIKOM who has filed a job application to the New Building of UNIKOM, 11th floor, at 09.00 am.

The qualifications required are the best alumni of the UNIKOM from some of study programs, such as: 1) Electrical Engineering; 2) Computer Engineering; 3) Informatics Engineering; and 4) Information System. In addition, the applicants must have the motivation, skills, and understanding of the PCB. PCB is one of the main components used in the manufacture of electronic equipment.

The interview process conducted directly by CEO of Meister Co., Ltd, includes several questions related to hobbies, interests, future goals, until accomplishments ever achieved by job applicants. Based on information from the previous of visits, the UNIKOM is the only one university in cooperation with the company of PCB from the country of origin of ginseng.

After going through the selection process, applicants who pass the interview stage will undergo training for ± 3 months and assessment where they will be placed in the UNIKOM Korean of International Company (UKI), located at 11th floor of New Building of UNIKOM.