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April 11, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- The Association of Higher Education Informatics and Computer Science (APTIKOM) West Java Province in cooperation with Indonesia Computer University (Unikom) held Workshop of Digital Startup and 1st APTIKOMFest - West Java in 2017, which was held on Monday (10/4) at 08.00 am at Auditorium 17th Floor Smart Building Unikom. The event is one of the systematic efforts to create Startup Digital from various regions in Indonesia, especially in West Java which has a variety of cultures as an inspiration for creative and innovative ideas for Digital Startup products. The description of Digital Startup Program and "APTIKOMFest" as reported by, namely: 1) Workshop; 2) Incubation; 3) Innovative of Product Filter,; 4) Links to Financial Resources; 5) Implementation; And 6) Marketing.

According to the Chief Executive, Wartika, ST, M.Kom in his speech said that the implementation of APTIKOMFest 2017 is interpreted as a happy day or happy week for all the big families of Higher Education of Informatics and Computer in Indonesia incorporated in APTIKOM, because it has been successful to held a competition or important event of APTIKOM and reached Award or achievement. "In addition to holding workshops, APTIKOMFest to-I West Java in 2017 also held some competitions followed by students and the members of APTIKOM in West Java Provinces, including 1) Idea Preneur Digital Startup; 2) Rating of KDI (Internet Domain Security); 3) Smart City Idea; And 4) Kaprodi IT Idol, "said Wartika.

The event themed "Create Digital Startup of Higher Education Informatics and Computer Indonesia based Culture of West Java", also appreciated positively by various circles, especially by APTIKOM of West Java Province as the organizer. This has been spelled out by Dr. Yusuf Arifin, MM, representing the Chairman of APTIKOM of West Java Province, Prof. Dr. Ir. Eddy Jusuf, Sp., M.Si., M.Kom when he can’t be attend in this event. He said that this workshop is an effort to improve and prepare the young generation to entering the digital world to find the right target market. "We expect this activity can be a routine agenda and can held every year in every province in Indonesia, so can give direction to the participants about the world of Startup, how to analyze the market, until give proper guidance in accordance with the field," said Yusuf.

The same thing was expressed by the Rector of Unikom, Dr. Ir. H. Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto, that West Java is a warehouse of experts in the field of IT that can be seen from the various traces of universities in this province, this is very appropriate to start a positive movement that can be implemented in various provinces in Indonesia. "... Is expected to bring out the entrepreneurs in the field of IT and spur the universities especially in the field of IT to make Indonesia as one of the digital centers in ASEAN and the world," said Rector of Unikom. Also attending in the event the Vice Rectors of Unikom, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Unikom, the Chairman and Secretaries of the Study Program in the FTIK UNIKOM, and the Participants from the students of UNIKOM.

Digital Startup and 1st Workshop of APTIKOMFest West Java 2017 was divided into three sessions by presenting several competent speakers in their field to share knowledge to ± 100 participants who was attended to this event, including: 1) Noor Iza (PLT - Head of Public Relations Bureau of Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia ); 2) Dr. Lina Auliana S, SE., MM (Chairman of Standing Committee of Kadin Profession Certification West Java Province); 3) Dicky Tarmizi, SE., MBA (Country Director of PT Syukur Information Technology); 4) Mr. Rudy Sutedja (AINAKI); 5) Wira Pradana, ST (Founder & Owner of Global Media Nusantara Group); 6) Mr. Eko Syaiful Arifin (ADEI); 7) Hari Prabowo, SE (Managing Director of PAYTREN); 8) Mr. Iwan Sumantri (National Computer Securit Defense); 9) Mohamad Iqbal, S. Kom (Co-Founder; 10) Kang Arrival Dwi Sentosa (Co-Founder of ODT Indonesia).

"One of the main keys to the success of creating digital entrepreneurs (digipreneurs) is to instill entrepreneurial spirit to the students, because the business people who have been successful have gone through various processes, and this time they are enjoying the results. That's what must be have in the soul of the digipreneur is to enjoy and maximize every process that passes, and implement the science in accordance with the expertise and competence, "said Lina Auliana when interviewed by Staff Public Relations of UNIKOM after the event.

The supporting statement was expressed by Country Director of PT Syukur Information Technology that the birth of the digipreneur must pass through one of the important stages of incubation, where the incubation period becomes an arena to equip the digipreneur to be ready to compete in the world of Indonesia Startup. "The incubation period set by every institute or organizers is have different time periods, generally within a period of between 3-6 months until 1 year," said Dicky Tarmizi.

The Higher Education of Informatics and Computers (ICT) as a change agent institution has enormous potential to create the Indonesia Digital Startup, because the education has grown rapidly where currently there are approximately 1,000 universities with more than four hundred thousand of student, more than fifteen thousand of Lecturers, more than two thousand study programs spread from Sabang to Merauke. One of them of university based on IT is Unikom, has great potential to lead the students to be digipreneur because Unikom students has instilled spirit of entrepreneurship through the compulsory courses that are taken by every student from various study programs.

The event of Digital Festival Startup and 1st APTIKOMFest - West Java in 2017 ended with the announcement of the winners of the competition results from various categories. Through this event is expected to be a good start for university to create the Digital Startup in Indonesia who can give contribute to advancing the nation and this country and achieve The Digital of Asia.